Horticulture Lighting

greenhouse lighting

Our society and the requirements and expectations consumers have, develop continuously. This trend is nowhere more evident than in the nutritional field.  The eating habits of today’s generation differ dramatically from those in years past. There is currently a high demand for fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables all year round. In order to satisfy this demand, a completely new industry has developed. This means year round fruit and vegetable production under controlled conditions.

Optimum lighting of plants with grow lights during all of their growth phases is essential to enable high-yield production all year round.  This can be achieved by using Narva Natrolox® and Nachroma® Vegetative lamps.  

Narva Germany

Since 1994, NARVA G.L.E. has developed and produced various high-pressure discharge lamps at its Berlin, Germany location. Their product portfolio includes a wide range of applications from professional lamps for industrial plants, tailor-made developments for plant cultivation, to highly specialized solutions for the medical and analytical fields.

Modern, cost-saving and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, energy-efficient; durable products and fair value cost are characteristics of the whole NARVA product range.

Ultraviolet Resources is pleased to exclusively launch these first class plant growth products, developed and produced to German quality standards to the fast growing US marketplace.

NACHROMA® Vegetative Metal Halide Conversion Lamps


With its extraordinary light spectrum, NACHROMA® Vegetative ensures optimum plant growth and top yields. This lamp guarantees perfect lighting, especially matched to the needs of plant cultivation.

Advantages at a glance

Order Code Product Type Watts Base PAR
Ballast Lifetime
2130080 NCT-VEG NCT-VEG 400W 400W E39 480 HPS S51 10,000h
2130082 NCT-VEG NCT-VEG 600W 600W E39 695 HPS S106 10,000h
2130089 NCT-VEG NCT-VEG 1000W 1000W E39 1250 HPS S52 10,000h

NATRALOX® Vegetative High-Pressure Sodium Lamps


NATRALOX® Vegetative enables fast plant growth in all development phases and first-class yields. The particularly high luminous efficacy due to the NARVA super arc tube technology ensures a large blue fraction in the emissions spectrum and an effective PAR output during the whole life of the lamp.

Highly effective PAR luminous efficacy

Optimum growth

High energy efficiency

Order Code Product Type Watts Base PAR
Ballast Lifetime
2131920 NAT-VEG NAT-VEG 400W S51 E39 400W E39 720 HPS S51 19,000h
2130083 NAT-VEG NAT-VEG 600W S106 E39 600W E39 1150 HPS S106 19,000h
2130014 NAT-VEG NAT-VEG 1000W S52 E39 1000W E39 1810 HPS S52 24,000h
2010122 NAT-VEG NAT-VEG 1000W DE S52 E 1000W K12 X30S 1950HPS S52E 10,000h